National Water Academy


National Water Academy (formerly known as Central Training Unit) was set up in Central Water Commission by the Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India in the year 1988, to impart training to the in-service engineers of various Central/State organizations involved in the Development & Management of Water Resources. It was established under USAID assistance and strengthened with the subsequent assistance received from the World Bank.

The NWA is envisaged to function as a `Center of Excellence’ in training water resources personnel. It is addressing the wider training needs of water resources engineers of States and Central Agencies in the fields of planning, design, evaluation, construction, operation and monitoring of water resources projects. In its national role, the NWA is concentrating on conducting training courses for all water sector personnel, in the specialised and emerging areas, for which the existing State or other institutes are not adequately equipped to meet the needs. Apart from this, in regard to the Central Water Commission, other offices of the Ministry of Water Resources, and for States not having adequate training facilities, it is conducting induction and refresher courses in all relevant areas of the water sector.

The regular training programs of NWA are also open to participants from recognised academic institutions, NGOs, Central/State PSUs, private companies, individuals & foreign nationals on payment basis. Click here for more details.

Objectives and Roles

The NWA is envisaged to function as `Center of Excellence’ for in-service training of water resources engineering personnel. The broad objectives of NWA are as under :

  • * To organise specialised courses for Group `A’ and `B’ officers of Central and State agencies
  • * To arrange National / Regional Seminars and Workshops on key issues of water resources development / subject areas for the benefit of Senior level officers ( CE’s / E-in-C/Secretary ) of State / Central agencie
  • * To provide assistance to Central and State Government organisations and their training institutes on their specific training needs.
  • * To develop and maintain linkages with leading institutions in India and abroad dealing with training related activities in water resources sector for sharing the expertise.
  • * To conduct training in advanced methods of structural analysis and design.
  • * To develop training modules / case studies on new emerging technology like GIS applications in water resources.
  • * To organise Induction Training for newly appointed Assistant Directors/ Assistant Executive Engineers of Central Water Engineering (Group ‘A’) Services.
  • * To organise induction/orientation training to newly appointed / promoted Group ‘B’ engineering officers of CWC.
  • * To organise Re-orientation Courses for officers promoted from Group `B’ to Group `A’ of Central Water Engineering Services.
  • * To undertake Induction Training of newly appointed Group `B’/Group `A’ officers of state water resources department / Central agencies on their request, where such training facilities are not available.

Organizational Structure

The NWA is headed by a Chief Engineer and has eight other core faculty persons. The core faculty comprises of CWES (Central Water Engineering Services-Group A) officers who have long practical experience in Water Resources Development and Management. The guest faculty comprises of academicians and scientists of eminence from premier Research Centers and Universities in India, as well as practicing professionals and specialists drawn from other organizations and agencies.

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