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National Water Academy
Training for Excellence
Ashok Pillar

Contact Details

Landline Number +91-020- 24380678
NWA EPBX +91-020-24380392, 24381517
Fax Numbers +91-020-24380110/24380224
e-mail nwa.mah@nic.in

Telephone Directory

Sl. No. Name and Designation Tel (Off) EPABX
1.Yogesh Paitankar, Chief Engineer 24380678123
2.Sushil Kumar, Director 24380144206
3.S.N. Pande, Director 24381212119
4.Sunil Kumar , Director 24380296120
5.Pradeep Kumar, Director 24380476103
6.Sidhartha Mitra, Director 24380528109
7.Deepak Chandra Bhat, Deputy Director 118
8.Manish Rathore, Deputy Director 24380528108
9.G. Srinivasulu, Deputy Director 24380476118
10.K. Gopananda Babu, Asst. Director-II 24380392121
11.S. Raghavendra Babu, Asst. Director- II24380392102
12.Mrs. T Uma, Assistant Director-II 24380392130
13.G.S. Chatterjee, Assistant 24380392306
14.P Ramchandran, Assistant 24380392316
15.Naveen Kumar Meena, Junior Engineer24380392308
16.Mrs. Afifa Sayed, Steno Gr. I 24380392111
17.Mrs. Uma Ganesh, Steno Gr. I 24380678/ 24380296112
18.S U Sakhare, Steno- Gr. I 24380392303
19.Ms. S M Dematti, UDC24380392305
20.Gauri Shankar Rajhans, LDC24380392309
21.Mrs. Kanchan S. Bagde, LDC 24380392205
22.NWA Mess 440
23.Godavari G.H. Reception444
24.Krishna G.H. Reception510 / 666
25.Ganga G.H. Reception 24381102555
26.Security - Main Office Gate100
27.Security - Guest House 400
28.Security - Residential quarters 512 to 516-700
29.EE, UKD, CWC, Pune 24380073310-21

24 X 7 NWA Control Room/ Help Desk: 020-24381102

Click here for detailed help on reaching NWA

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