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Training Calendar for 2018-19

Participants' Categories for Regular Programs of NWA

Program Fee Per Day Per Head


Central/State Government/Department including their autonomous bodies



PSUs/SPVs of State governments which are Not-for-profit organizatios/ authorities/ bodies of state governments, even if they have "Corporation" or "Limited" in their name, only if they certify that they are "not for profit" organizations.



Recognized academic institutions, NGOs

Rs. 300


PSUs of MoWR, Govt of India

Rs. 1000


Central and State PSUs (other than Category B & D)

Rs. 2000


Private Companies, Individuals

Rs. 3000


Foreign Nationals (for identified programs only) *

Rs. 3000

Discount for multiple number of participants from one Organisation

Number of Nominations

Discount on participation fee

1 or 2

No Discount

3 or 4

20% Discount

5 or more

30% Discount

Note : Group Discount will not be applicable for Category D

Name of Training Program Target Group Venue Duration
Dates Program Coordinator
1.International Distance Learning Program in Hydrology : Advanced Topics in Hydrological, Hydraulic Sciences (Continued Program)Indian and International ParticipantsDL Course7 Weeks19 March - 04 May 2018 D S Chaskar, Director(Design) and Sunil Kumar, Director (IT)
2.IWRM for River Basin Planning & Management, Best Practices & Development and Data Acquisition and Analysis for CGWB Officers For CGWB OfficersNWA Pune1 Week16 April - 20 April 2018Sunil Kumar, Director (IT)
3.Irrigation Benchmarking (Under NHP)For Implementing Agencies of NHPNWA Pune1 Week23 April -27 April 2018Sunil Kumar, Director (IT)
4.Induction Training Program for JEs- Batch 1Newly Recruited Junior Engineers of CWCNWA Pune3 Weeks30 April - 18 May 2018Manish Rathore, Deputy Director(SM)
5.Flood Hydrology measurement to Modelling (Under NHP)For Implementing Agencies of NHPNWA Pune1 Week07-11 May 2018Sunil Kumar, Director (IT)
6.Climate Change Impact; mitigation measures; modeling tools GCM; RCMState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week11-14 June 2018Manish Rathore, Deputy Director (SM)
7.Survey, Investigation and Preparation of Detailed Project Reports for Water Resources ProjectsState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week25-28 June 2018D C Bhatt, Dy. Director (HP)
8.Flood Disaster Management including Disaster Risk ReductionState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week28 May - 01 June 2018 Director(Design)
9.Mid Career Training Program [MCTP]Exclusively for the CWES (Gr-A) Officers of the level of JAG.NWA Pune2 Weeks21 May - 03 June 2018 PostponedSushil Kumar, Director (H&I)
10.30th Induction Training Program (ITP)Newly Recruited CWES Group A OfficersNWA Pune30 Weeks02 July 2018 - 25 Jan 2019 All Core Faculty
11.Water Accounting + (Under NHP)For Implementing Agencies of NHPNWA Pune8 Weeks02 July - 01 September 2018Pradeep Kumar, Director (A&C)
12.Coastel Erosin and ProtectionState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week16-20 July 2018Sushil Kumar, Director (H&I)
13.Training-cum-Workshop on Water Resources for School TeachersSchool TeachersNWA Pune1 day18 July 2018 Director (Design)
14.The World Bank Procurement Procedures (Under NHP)For Implementing Agencies of NHPNWA Pune1 Week23-27 July 2018 Director (Design)
15.Integrated Water Resources Management (Under NHP)State/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week30 July - 03 Aug 2018Sunil Kumar, Director(IT)
16.Overview of water Resources Sector of IndiaCWC/MOWR, RD & GR OfficialsNWA Pune1 Week27-31 August 2018Sidhartha Mitra, Director (WRM)
17. Knowledge Dissemination Workshop with co-basin states by CWC and IHE Netherlands on Water Accounts of Cauvery Basin using Water Accounting Plus tool (WA+) (Under NHP)For Implementing Agencies of NHP (Cauvery Basin States : TN, Kerala, Karnataka, Puducherry)NWA Pune1 day04 September 2018Pradeep Kumar, Director (A&C)
18.Management Development Program for Non-Technical Officers of CWC and MoWR officers CWC/MOWR, RD & GR OfficialsNWA Pune1 Week10-14 September 2018Pradeep Kumar, Director (A&C)
19.Hydro Meteorological data Management - Application of eSWISFor Implementing Agencies of NHPNWA Pune1 Week17-21 September 2018D C Bhatt Deputy Director (HP)
20.SDMC WorkshopFor SDMC Core Group MembersNew Delhi1 Day01/09/2018 SatSunil Kumar, Director(IT)
21.Training of Trainers in Arc-GISCore Faculty of NWANWA Pune1 WeekSeptemberSunil Kumar, Director (IT)
22.Water Information and Analytics Generation using Free Online ToolsState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune2 DaysSeptemberManish Rathore, Deputy Director (SM)
23.Training Program on Piped Irrigation Network and Micro Irrigation : Increasing Water Use EfficiencyFor SDMC Core Group MembersNWA Pune1 Week01/10/2018 MonSunil Kumar, Director(IT)
24.International Distance Learning Program in Hydrology : Basic Hydrological Sciences in association with World Meteorological OrganizationsIndian and International ParticipantsDL Course7 Weeks01 October -09 November 2018 Sunil Kumar, Director(IT) & Sidhartha Mitra, Director(WRM)
25.Induction Training Program for the newly appointed Senior Research Assistants of CWCFor the newly appointed Senior Research Assistants of CWCNWA Pune4 Weeks08 October -02 November 2018Sushil Kumar, Director (H&I)
26.Dam Safety, Portfolio Management and Risk AssessmentFor DRIP Implementing AgenciesNWA Pune2 Weeks15-26 October 2018 Director (Design)
27.Training of Trainers in association with European Union (India GIZ)Faculty from WALMIs, State Training Insituttion, Central Training Institutes includings NWA Pune1 Week 05-09 November 2018Director (Designs)
28.Strategic Issues in Water Sector State/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week12-16 November 2018Sushil Kumar, Director (H&I)
29.Overview of water Resources Sector of IndiaCWC/MOWR, RD & GR OfficialsNWA Pune1 Week26-30 November 2018 Director (Design)
30.Training for the officials of RoGBFor the officials of RoGBNWA Pune1 WeekNovemberSunil Kumar, Director (IT)
31.Training-cum-Workshop on Water Resources for NGOs and Media Personnel'sNGOS and Medial PersonnelNWA Pune2 Days12-13 December 2018 Director (Design)
32.“Har Khet Ko Pani, More Crop Per Drop (PMKSY)” Bridging the IPC-IPU Gap and Role of PIMState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week01/12/2018 SatSidhartha Mitra, Director WRM)
33.Digital Surface Modelling and Watershed Analysis using RSState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune2 WeeksDecemberPradeep Kumar, Director (A&C)
34.Use of Advanced Software in design of water resources structuresState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week07-11 January 2019Manish Rathore, Deputy Director (SM) & D C Bhatt, Deputy Director (HP)
35.Analysis and Design of Underground StructuresState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune3 Days22-24 January 2019Manish Rathore, Deputy Director (SM)
36.Induction Training Program for JEs-Batch IINewly Recruited Junior Engineers of CWCNWA Pune3 Weeks28 January -15 February 2019Manish Rathore, Deputy Director (SM) & D C Bhatt, Deputy Director (HP)
37.Training Program on Drought ManagementFor Iraqi NationalsNWA Pune3 Weeks01/01/2019 TueSidhartha Mitra, Director WRM)
38.International Distance Learning Program in Hydrology : Advanced Topics in Hydrological Hydraulic SciencesIndian and International ParticipantsDL Course6 Weeks04 Feb - 22 March 2019 Director(Design) and Sunil Kumar, Director (IT)
39.Environmental flow in collaboration with EU -GIZAll stakeholdersNWA Pune2 Days06-07 February 2019 Director (Design)
40.SDMC International TrainingFor SDMC Core Group MembersInternatinal2 weeks10-24 February 2019Sunil Kumar, Director (IT)
41.River Morphology & Sediment ManagementState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week18-22 February 2019Sidhartha Mitra, Director (WRM)
42.Water GovernanceState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week18-22 February 2019 Director – Design
43.Orientation Program for AD-IINewly Promoted AD-II OfficersNWA Pune2 Weeks25 February - 08 March 2019D C Bhatt, Deputy Director (HP)
44.Application of GIS in Water SectorState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune2 Weeks25 February - 01 March 2019Pradeep Kumar, Director (A&C)
45.Training Program on Irrigation and Drainage ManagementFor Iraqi NationalsNWA Pune3 Weeks01/02/2019 FriSidhartha Mitra, Director WRM)
46.Core Area Training Flood Forecasting & ManagementFor CWES Group A Officers OnlyNWA Pune3 Weeks01/02/2019 FriPradeep Kumar, Director (A&C)
47.Workshop on Water Management IndexAll Water Resources Stakeholders NWA Pune1 day01/02/2019 FriSidhartha Mitra, Director (WRM)
48.Water Quality Assessment and MonitoringState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week11-15 March 2019Sushil Kumar, Director (H&I)
49.Core Area Training : Design of Water Resources StructuresFor CWES Group A officers onlyNWA Pune3 Weeks11-29 March 2019 Director (Design)
50.Training Program on Water Conservation and River Purification through best practices in Sewage and Solid Waste ManagementState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week18-22 March 2019D C Bhatt, Deputy Director (HP) + Manish Rathore, Deputy Director (SM)
51.Integrated Reservoir Operation & Management State/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 Week25-29 March 2019Sidhartha Mitra, Director (WRM)
52.Interlinking of RiverState/Central Government EngineersNWA Pune1 WeekMarch 2019Sushil Kumar, Director (H&I)
As per the approved SFC memo yearly target for training programs is only 32, increased target will be achieved corrsponding to availability of additional faculty.

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