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National Water Academy
Training for Excellence
Ashok Pillar

Mission Statement

Vision of National Water Academy

The vision of the National Water Academy is to provide quality training for building water resources professionals and responsive engineering service in a caring, ethical and transparent framework and exercises directed to the cultivation and enlargement of the mind.

The purpose of this Centre of Excellence is vividly captured in its vision - to enrich and provide quality training for building professionals and responsive officers to deliver effective engineering services. By forging a cohesive thought by re-igniting desires, expanding intellectual breadth and tackling new concepts and ideas together, one will learn new skills and knowledge, build confidence and gain hands-on experience to prepare for real professional career and attain skills to make and carry out a plan, assess the needs, and evaluate the effectiveness of efforts. The participants lest face some diverse situations while living in this new environ, the faculty prepare them with the skills, resources, and techniques to approach challenging issues with tenacity, an open heart and an open mind.

Its mission is to seek solutions to important water resources problems and educate central and state engineers who will make the country a better place by using the power of engineering principles, techniques with the believe that it is essential to train engineers who possess not only technical excellence, but the creativity, applications and skills that come from exposure to the practical hands on.

Freshly buttered with consistency, anyone can garner special interest to exposure with single minded seriousness of purpose, learn to turn the new situation to one's advantage and bloom the natural corollary of suppressed passion for learning. It is presupposed that NWA complex with all its serene environ, breathing greens, quiet surrounding, pleasant weather, pollution free fresh air, sneaks into the trainees' comfortable stay with inordinate easy and would calm frayed mind and body.

To sway to the tunes of rules and regulations of NWA maintaining discipline and proper decorum during the entire training program is only warranted. Adhering to punctuality and all training events is essence of the training programs. NWA faculty members strive to foster scholars and share a close and mutually supportive relationship with the fellow trainee officers. They look forward to get to know the trainee officers and witness all the ways in which they grow as they prepare for and experience the training like never before.

Each generation at NWA has to take this to heart and boldly launch new efforts, from the classroom teaching to the applications for investing in the future, thus pioneering spirits that will lead the would be leaders to dare to think on new lines and continue to guide the water resources development in the country.

Leadership in Training

NWA has always demonstrated leadership in bringing about changes to enhance the capacity building of water professionals in the country. The academy is hoping to persuade adequate number institutes to join in so as to achieve integrity in reporting on enhancement of WUE across WALMIs in the country. Direct engagement of faculty with the training of irrigation water management through state organizations, and government committees continued during the year. The faculty also continued to contribute to transfer technology to various states WRD through pilot training, handson practice ethos in conjunction with theory in the class rooms, doctoral and masters research guidance, entangling advanced technologies in water resources are add-on initiatives of faculty which have been instrumental in connecting academics to training start-ups.

NWA is envisaged to function as a "Centre of Excellence" in training water resources personnel. It is addressing the wider training needs of water resources engineers of States and Central Agencies in the fields of planning, design, evaluation, construction, operation, and management and monitoring of water resources projects. In its national role, NWA is concentrating on conducting training courses for all water sector personnel, in the specialised and emerging areas, for which State water resources departments or other institutes are not adequately equipped to meet the needs. Apart from this, it is conducting induction and refresher courses in all relevant areas of the water sector for CWC, State and other central organisations.

Quality training has always been one of the key dimensions that influence the choice of Academy by aspirants for water education. The Academy has announced that it would follow the proposed standards in its own reporting. The Academy is hoping to persuade adequate number institutes to join in so as to achieve integrity in water related areas reporting across the country. So far, NWA has organized more than 430 programs and trained 10,500 personnel in water resources.

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